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I'm giving away five ebook of my series. Logan Wolf Chronicles. Email me if you would like a copy.


Logan’s not your average witch. For one thing, she can’t control her magic. For another, she’s just broken a major magical law (which sucks). Now if that secret gets out she will become the hunted. Jack the Ripper’s surgical kit has been stolen and his spirit is in control of a human and now he is recreating the White Chapel murders. Will Logan find Jack before he tries to kill her? Logan’s really having a hell of a week. Some days she should just stay in bed.



One of the men at the table was Raiden, a roughly four

hundred-year-old vashon and Master of the City. I had been

fascinated to find out the vashon still existed. The vampire fairie

hybrid race was said to have vanished a few centuries

ago. The only problem with the vashon was since they weren’t

strictly either vampire or fairie so their looks and powers

varied greatly.


The spell and the transition for the change from human to

vashon was long and painful. The human had to have some

kind of magick to begin with and many didn’t survive the

process. New vashon can’t go in the sun. They don’t have

fangs, but feed on magick with their hands. Like fairies, they

have magickal abilities and they can be hurt by certain spells.

There isn’t any public knowledge of how to kill them, but I

know how.



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