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Twilight- Stephanie Meyer

Okay so ya'll knew it was coming. With the popularity of Twilight at its peak with the movie coming out a week ago it seems like everywhere I look people are talking about Twilight. There are people who absolutely love it and think its the best thing since sliced bread and then there are people who think that its the worst kind of emo drivel.

To be honest I was going to stay out of it. I had requested the book from the library but I knew that I wouldn't be getting it for a while because of the popularity. It just so happened when I went over my in-laws my sister-in-law came gushing over to me asking if I'd read Twilight yet. She'd just finished the book and let me borrow it because she knew I was into vampires.

So I just finished Twilight today. I have to say that I was underwhelmed. I mean parts of the book were good but for the most part Bella seemed pretty whiney to me and I felt like telling Edward to leave the brooding and self loathing to Angel. He did it first and he did it better. Maybe its just because I wasn't a whiney teenager and I'm used to stronger more independent characters like Anita Blake.

I had a hard time getting into the book. The Bella and Edward's interaction seemed to be lacking any chemistry beyond "You're beautiful" and "You smell good". I have to admit that I was really able to put it down for about a week after the wood scene when we learn that Edward SPARKLES in the sun. I give Meyer credit for doing something different with the vampire mythology but the sparkling vampires took just about all of the scary out of the book. I mean why not just put the guy on a unicorn and make him every 5 year old little girls' dream come true.The only time the book got interesting was when Bella was in danger because of James. James seemed like he could have been a really menacing villian but he just wasn't given enough screen time to develop. Just when we were discovering how diabolical he was whoops Edward comes into the rescue and there goes James. Oh and I'm hoping we see Victoria again cause Meyer completely just left that hanging. 

The ending of Twilight really frustrated with me. It seemed like Bella learned nothing from her experience and all she could think of was being with Edward "forever". I actually felt bad for the guy. His girlfriend is begging him to kill her and thinks he's selfish when he doesn't turn her. Bella seemed incredibely immature and selfish at the end of the book and I actually began to like Edward just a bit. I hope that lasts because from what I hear he turns a bit controlling and weird in the later books. We'll just have to wait and see.

So overall maybe a  5/6 out of 10. Any other opinions or comments.
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